What’s In My “Morning Bag”?

While I was working on a post “What’s in my makeup bag?”, It got me thinking about “What’s in my morning bag?”. What I mean by this is: How and with what do I begin my mornings? What should I be starting my mornings off with?

A good start in the morning is not a guarantee to a perfect day, but starting my morning off with things like surrender and a grateful heart should be an ongoing motivation for me throughout the day. My attitude makes all the difference.

When I am down, my day is bad no matter what. But as soon as I choose to be grateful, it is amazing how much better I respond:

  • When something/someone annoys me
  • When someone speaks unkindly to me

  • When I mess things up

Having a God-centered, surrendered heart and choosing to look at life with a positive perspective, changes my day. When a test comes, it is easier to keep choosing what I have already chosen.

It is important what choices I make every day. Choices that I personally need to make every morning (and throughout the day) are:

  • Choose to be happy, to have grateful responses, to smile and to not let unnecessary things steal my joy.

  • Choose to read and to think about God’s word throughout the day.

  • Choose to take time to talk and listen to God.

  • Choose to think kindly of a certain person that I may be struggling with.

  • Choose to be motivated.

  • Choose to overcome my failures and shortcomings.

  • Choose to not compare myself with others. Whether it be out of pride (thinking I am better) or out of insecurity (thinking I will never be good enough).

I love putting on makeup and nice clothes  to brighten my appearance. But if my heart is sad it will not matter how hard I try to look beautiful and happy in my appearance, because what is on the inside will come out.

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Let’s Talk!

What are choices you make every day? How are some fun ways you spiritually prepare yourself in the morning? What’s in your morning bag?

I would love to chat with you in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “What’s In My “Morning Bag”?”

  1. I wake up and choose joy. I realized last year that choosing to be joyful is a decision that I could make from moment to moment and it’s changed my life. Thank you for this post and have an incredible day!

    1. Awww yes, Mimi!
      This is so wonderful to hear! It is so true that joy is a moment to moment choice! It has been a life changer for me as well, to put that into practice!
      I am so thankful this post was an encouragement!
      You have a blessed day as well!

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