Luke 18 “How hard it is for those who are wealthy to enter the kingdom of God!”

As I consider Jesus’ many cryptic descriptions of the kingdom of God, this one is particularly challenging to me.

I know that just because I am a comfortable American, by the world’s standards, that makes me rich. I cannot ignore that fact. But that is not so much what challenges me today.

It is all the other ways I want to be wealthy. They crowd in around me clamoring for attention.

I naturally want all the other “wealths” this world offers: respect, attention, praise, admiration, etc. And I can get these in a myriad of ways: appearance, intelligence, service, work, wealth, etc.

The hard truth I am seeing today is that these things, these desires, make it hard for me to “enter the kingdom of God.” These are things I need to forsake, just as Jesus did, so that I can follow Him into the kingdom.

There is this disconnect in my mind and heart that loves to deny this truth by never thinking about it. But Jesus is quite emphatic in His teaching that this is so.

It comes down to re-evaluating what is truly valuable. It comes down to not just knowing but also feeling and believing that treasure in heaven is by far more precious than any wealth here.

So help me, God!

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