5 Ideas For A Rainy Day

Rainy days don’t have to be dreary days when we get nothing done. Building memories with your kids, bestie, or alone only takes a little innovation! Let’s make some memories that last!

Media Mania

 Make the most of social media by scanning pinterest or instagram for a new recipe to make for dinner, a new healthy drink, or a DIY facial scrub.


Spring cleaning was maybe forgotten this year, or maybe the one closet that you “never” open. :O

Maybe it’s a good day to go drink a cup of coffee and put the #modaymotivation on! And of course, Pinterest is always a great place for organization tips if you get stuck. Let’s get cleaning!

Spa time

The day you always want but never get can happen today. It’s time to fill up the bathtub and let the spa begin! One idea i really love is to add 1Tablespoon of coconut oil to the warm running water…. oh, so soothing! Don’t forget to add some of your favorite scented bubble bath or even bodywash to the hot running water– (I love the bubbles!).

Now tilt your head back and take a deep breath… aaaah!

While I’m taking my bath i also love listening to my favorite radio station or to pandora.com. At Pandora I customize my playlist to whatever mood I am in!

Get in shape

If you have a lot of energy and need to let it all out, try doing a new workout. There are great workout apps such as “Sworkit”. If your willing to download another app 😉 this is a free and super motivating way to get in shape. The Sworkit app (at sworkit.com/googleplay.com/appstore.com has a great setup so that you feel as if you are actually working out with someone else, and it includes a large variety of exercises!


Making a mud slide or puddle jumping are great outdoor rainy activities, but if you are like me, indoors is a much more ideal place to be.

One game I love is pictionary, all it takes is pencil and paper.


1. Split into two teams.

2. Choose a leader (which should rotate every 1-3 rounds).

3. The two leaders should secretly come up with a familiar person/place/thing that they can draw out for their team.

4. As the leader draws, the team guesses.

5. Winner is the one who guesses it right first!

Easy peasy!

If a big group game isn’t for you then why not try: who can take the best selfie, or who can make the funniest picture.

Here is one that my husband and i do sometimes, it is great fun! Try posting a picture at the same time and see who gets the most likes the fastest and who after all is “the most popular”. Often we are fairly even, so of course that adds to the excitement!

Any ideas for rainy days?  Feel free to comment below!

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