Healthy skin! Tips for soft, clean and healthy skin…

We all love clean, soft, healthy skin. So, I decided that I would let you in on a few things that I have made a part of my lifestyle. These facial care tips are inexpensive, simple and even fun!

1. Washing your face nightly with a good face wash, is very important to getting that glowing, healthy skin. I know, it’s hard to take those five minutes every evening, but it is worth every second. We don’t want that dirt and bacteria to smother our face all night, our skin wants to breathe the fresh air!

2. It is okay to wash your face with hot water. But make sure you rinse with lukewarm or even cold water (brrrrrrr…). The hot water opens and cleans your pores, but once your skin is clean you will want to close those pores back up with cooler water. This will keep you skin cleaner longer!

3. Drinking a lot of water not only keeps you hydrated, but also should make your body healthier, therefore causeing your face to b plump and bright.

4. Eating the right foods can also be the cure for glowing skin. A number vitamins in some fruits, vegetables and even some organic meats help your skin look young again. Some foods can of course be a harm to your skin though especially when eaten in large quantities. Let’s be careful what we eat!

5. We all love face masks right?! There is a wide variety of brands and types of face masks that you can purchase. Have you ever tried DIY face masks? I love using my banana peels and even egg whites. Yep. DIY face masks are affordable and of course, all natural! I also love using olive oil or coconut oil to replenish and smooth my skin.

6. One more tip (if you want your skin super smooth), then facial scrubs will take all that dead skin off leaving your face clean and smooth. Again, I would rather make my own facial scrub then buy one at the market. So, I came across one that I simply love! Here is my favorite Sugar Scrub; it is simple and very inexpensive. (Read more: https:/ )

I hope you enjoy these tips. What are your tips for facial care? How do you get your healthy skin? I would love to hear about them!

Summer ideas! I wrote down a small list of some summer ideas below. The list is not filled with a ton of “new ideas” , but I hope it sparks your childhood memories, encouraging you to do something fun this summer…

Summer is a lovely time of year. With all the business and running around, I hope each family and friends can enjoy at least a few fun memories together this summer.

I wrote down a small list of some summer ideas below. The list is not filled with a ton of “new ideas” , but I hope it sparks your childhood memories, encouraging you to do something fun this summer with the people around you.

Summer ideas:

1. Water baloon fight

2. Take a hike in the woods

3. Scavenger hunt

4. Hopscotch

5. Sidewalk chalk

6. Sprinkler

7. Swimming pool

8. Take a walk

9. Go biking

10. Nature walk

11. Go to a museum

12. Star gazing

13. Take the family to a waterpark!

14. Canoeing

15. Do leaf and flower pressing or preserving

16. Make mud pies

17. Tree climbing (be safe!)

18. Go to the park

19. Go boating

20. Mud slide

21. Mini golf

22. Go camping

23. Water gun competion

24. Eat dinner outside on the porch

25. Make diy flower crowns

26. Do a photo shoot in your flower garden, while wearing your flower crowns!

27. Kayak

28. Go tubing

29. Build a bonfire and have s’mores!

30. Make popsicles

31. Plant some flowers

32. Have a yard sale

33. Fly a kite

34. Go water skiing

35. Enjoy ice cream cones together!

36. Go on a picnic

37. Challenge youself and eachother to paint a sunset! (it doesn’t have to be perfect)

38. Collect some rocks and paint them or make DIY rock art!

39. Have devotions outside at sunrise

40. Have your evening parties outside and brighten the event up with some candles!

41. Set up bird feeders… watch and learn about the birds!

42. Go for a run on the track!

43. Fly frisbees

44. Get the bubble wands out and blow bubbles!

45. Take a bike ride

46. Go fishing

47. Sit outside or go four a walk at sunset

48. Face painting party

49. Go to the beach

50. Go ziplining

51. Play a favorite sport together (Tennis, baseball, badminton, or basketball!)

When your mind is blank or when you just need an idea, I hope this list is helpful to you!

What are some of your summertime childhood memories? What memory making activities do you plan to do this summer?

God promises:

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, And summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” ¬†-Genesis 8:22